James Stuart

James launching Giant Strides

“James is one of a very rare breed – he is a master of innovation and leadership but he also has his head around the environmental agenda, not only the not inconsiderable threats to the natural world, but also what nature can do to help create better, more sustainable businesses and communities.

Sarah Brown,
Chair of the Board of Trustees, Sea-Changers

James has been leading teams for more than two decades. Having studied Oceanography in Southampton, his first career was as an Infantry Officer in the Highlanders, seeing active service in Bosnia and Iraq and receiving the Chief of Joint Operations Commendation and the US Army Commendation Medal respectively for his work in theatre.

He has since led two sports governing bodies, a life and chemical sciences SME and been MD of Entrepreneurial Scotland. Across each of these roles James has developed a deep interest in the rural economy, conservation and sustainability and has been an active part of the strategic leadership for Scottish Tourism.

His other non-executive and voluntary interests have included being a Board member of the Scottish Sports Association, a member and chair of the Scottish Football Association’s Judicial Panel and a member of the leadership group for the £1Bn Conservation Finance Challenge.

James is currently Chair of National Parks UK, Convener of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, a Non-Exec Advisor to Scottish Forestry and a member of the Industry Leadership Group for Tourism.

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