Making sustainability work for you

Sustainability is a huge and complex topic. There are academics publishing papers and offering new models all the time, there is an increasing expectation from customers and workforces across the planet for every organisation to “be more sustainable” and there are seemingly endless commentators exploring the topic and agitating for change.

But what does that mean to you and how do you navigate this extremely complex environment?

Our services have all be developed to help you chart these challenging waters and to drive greater returns from your organisation. These returns will likely be in a mixture of forms and will sit across the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) including: improved income generation, efficiency or savings, greater social impacts, benefits to your workforce and improvements to you environmental impact and contribution.

Our focus

  • Supporting strategic thinking and formal strategy development for sectors and businesses.
  • Strategic input and leadership to pilot projects where bigger lessons are being sought.
  • Strategic input and leadership to scaling pilot projects to drive bigger returns/impact.
  • Strategic input and leadership support to governance reviews and embedding change.
  • Unlocking Collective Impact

In each of these we will always seek to explore sustainability and drive to embed systems of thought, action and measurement that lead to multiple outcomes (i.e. across multiple UNSDGs).

Behind each of these areas of focus there are a deeper set of skills/services we offer to build either an end-to-end (task and finish) service or to offer targeted support to one element. These include:

  • Strategic landscape assessment and mapping
  • Research and data gathering (building an evidence base)
  • Evidence base synthesis and assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Independent chairing
  • Review of governance
  • Strategy/Plan drafting
  • Consultation management, assessment and reporting
  • Support to launch event(s) including chairing
  • Mapping to UNSDGs or other system (i.e. National Performance Framework in Scotland)
  • Follow-up action planning
  • Pilot project development and business planning
  • Team and project leadership/management.
  • Assessment and reporting
  • Sustainability and UNSDG reporting

Building a team

Depending on the size and scope of your project we will build a team of suitable talents to deliver the outcome. That may be a single consultant with research support or a full team of five, ten or more.

The team may be all externally sourced, all internal secondments from the client or a blend of internal and external.

Explore an example…

The process to develop Giant Strides included independent chairing of the process, stakeholder management, assessment of landscape and evidence, writing and launching the consultation draft, management of the consultation, final drafting and launch.

Let’s make the world more sustainable.

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