Our why: We want to live in a sustainable world.

A world where communities thrive, the natural environment is flourishing and where high-quality long-term jobs are created and supported. A world where businesses and sectors are a force for good.

As it stands the way we live is not sustainable. We have failed to live within our planetary means, and we have also failed to build solid social foundations. We are on course to make the lives of future generations much harder.

Rather than sit on the sidelines and watch the world fall apart we have decided to try and make a difference and see what we can do to make the world more sustainable.

Our how: Supporting and informing senior leaders to develop sustainable sector and business strategies.

This is an enormous challenge, a super-wicked problem if you like, and it would be easy to conclude that as a small business or individual there is no point in trying to address it. But, to paraphrase Pericles; “all that it takes for evil to flourish, is for good men to stand idly by”. We won’t stand by.

To have the biggest impact possible we are focusing on strategic planning and development and project piloting for businesses and sectors. This offers a cascade of activity, learning and influence across sectors and through businesses.

Linking the why and the how together and then framing it in terms of the benefits our clients will unlock allows us to define our organisational purpose. This is the critical step as our work is for our clients:

Our purpose is to help senior leaders to unlock greater returns for their organisation by embracing and embedding sustainability.

Our what: A blend of strategic research and consultancy services.

The services we offer will be different for each client.  That will range from an end to end review and development process to providing targeted support to one element of an internally resourced process. Have a look at our case studies and our services page to get more of an idea.  

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