What’s in a name?

Our name has been inspired by a simple concept: that we must develop business, sector, societal and economic models that are compatible with only one planet.

This is a core principle of Kate Raworth’s tremendous work on Doughnut Economics where an “ecological ceiling” is described along with a “social foundation”. The foundation must be sound and the ceiling – the replenishable resources of a single planet – cannot be exceeded for us to operate in a “safe and just space for humanity”.

For those of you familiar with Earth Overshoot Day you’ll already know that we are well over the ecological ceiling. Indeed as a global population and in any one recent year we will have used up the resources one planet can regenerate before August. Everyday thereafter we are eating into the basic natural capital and degrading our planet.

Our challenge therefore is to reinvent economic, social and environmental approaches that work with only one planet – and One Planet Consulting is here to help.

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