Awakening the Giant

“In my role over the years of Chairman of British Marine Scotland I have known, worked with and alongside James Stuart for around 7 years. In James`s previous role as Chief Exec of RYA Scotland we worked together to create Scotland`s first national strategy for the growth of marine tourism 2015 – 2020, “Awakening the Giant”.

James led the direction and drafting and played the major role in producing what has turned out to be a highly successful initiative.

We would have no hesitation in working with James Stuart again on future projects.

Simon Limb, Co Chair British Marine Scotland, Director, CLyde Marine Ltd.

The first sector strategy for Marine Tourism in Scotland.

The need

The Marine Tourism sector in Scotland in 2010 was fragmented and operating in isolation. As the new National Tourism strategy – Tourism Scotland 2020 – took hold in 2011 it became very clear that the only way to benefit from the national activity was to come togther and write a strategy.

James led the process to develop the strategy which included:

A review of the strategic landscape,

Engagement with key stakeholders,

Establishment of a working group from the Cross Party Group for Marine Tourism and Recreational Boating,

Support to large scale survey and data gathering project,

Dafting and writing of the final strategy,

Key innovations

A first of its kind

The marine tourism sector had never been brought together prior to the development of this strategy. In bringing it together, the sub-sector has moved rapidly up the priorities of Local Authorities and Councils who see the potential and have noted the significant impact on remote, rural, fragile and Island communities.


Not only did the strategy bring the sector together but it also drove alignment with the National Strategy – by adopting a common language, the same strategic framework (the rocket) and key themes – and with broader aims of the Scottish Government through the National Performance Framework.


The strategy also active sought to cross-cut agendas to unlock greater impact and better returns. This included active travel, sport, regeneration and the environment as well as working with other sectors and destination groups.

Let’s make the world more sustainable.

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